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Plans for 2009

  • We plan to build on the "Reminiscences Day" at The Washington with a series of recorded interviews with long standing Penarth residents about their recollections of Penarth as a working dock - Dates TBA

  • A new Festival Exhibition for the Kymin weekend of 11th and 12th July this year to highlight the sixtieth anniversary of The Pamir and Passat. (As already highlighted on News Page 1)

Longer term goals

  • We also envisage entering into discussions about the possibility of leasing exhibition space in the Pier Pavilion, perhaps initilally for regular exhibitions e.g. annually during the Penarth Holiday Festival.

  • There is the possibility of having the use of a room in South Lodge next year, if the Council agrees to the proposal.

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Beachcliff Buildings, Penarth Esplanade