Beachcliff Buildings, Penarth Esplanade

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Penarth's Maritime History

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  History in Narrative:

  Early History of Penarth Dock area up to c1820 - Download a "mini history" in "Word" format.

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History in images:

Using a collection of images, supplied courtesy of Alan Thorne, local historian, we follow the story of Penarth as a working dock, from its construction in the 1860s, through its coal exporting heyday in the early 20th Century and its important role during the Second World War to its decline in the 1960s.

As well as illustrating the history of The Dock itself, we highlight some of the famous vessels that have been associated with Penarth as a port over the past two hundred years. In particular we focus on the "Passat and Pamir."

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Beachcliff Buildings, Penarth Esplanade