Beachcliff Buildings, Penarth Esplanade

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Heritage in Danger

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The Penarth Porthladd Trust is committed to identify, preserve and where possible, restore, Penarth's many items of architecural and municpal "Heritage in Danger"
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What is Heritage In Danger?

While much of Penarth's fine Victorian and Edwardian Heritage has already been lost forever, many items of municipal urban or maritime "furniture" from those days still linger as "ghosts" of a bygone age. Sadly these remaining articles are themselves often in such a sorry state that they are barely recognisable and a younger generation may readily wonder "What are they and what purpose did they serve?" These are the items that we now class as "Heritage in Danger"; items which often remain "out of context" long after the grander edifice or service that they attended has vanished, but are priceless even so because they are the only remaining physical link with that which has been lost

Some examples of Penarth's Heritage in Danger

We aim to introduce you to many items of Endangered Heritage, be they fine buildings, municipal hardware or even endangered horticulture! Here are a few which typify the theme. All images are included with the kind cooperation of local photographer Ben Salter and are taken from his own collection "Images of Penarth"...

Click Here to see some of Penarth's "Endangered Heritage"...

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Beachcliff Buildings, Penarth Esplanade