Beachcliff Buildings, Penarth Esplanade

The Penarth Porthladd Trust

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Porthladd Trust: Penarth Community Heritage Trust

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The Penarth Community Heritage Trust has been established to celebrate, record and interpret, for present and future generations, the rich History of Penarth.
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About Us

Penarth Community Heritage Trust was established to bring together individuals with an interest in Penarth's heritage and the preservation of that heritage for future generations. Starting with only six members, it is now in the process of making plans for raising funds to enable future activities such as exhibitions. The long term plan is to establish a centre where Penarth’s heritage can be celebrated.

We work closely with Penarth Library, Penarth Local History Society, the Penarth Society and PACL at the Washington Gallery.

Penarth Esplanade

Penarth Esplanade circa 2005

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Beachcliff Buildings, Penarth Esplanade