Beachcliff Buildings, Penarth Esplanade

The Penarth Porthladd Trust

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Penarth is a fine example of a Welsh Victorian/Edwardian seaside town. Its seafront is famous for its "Esplanade", a splendid late Victorian Pier and a traditional "Cliff Parade".
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The Penarth Porthladd Trust  invite you to discover the rich heritage that Penarth has to offer.

Feel free to explore this site and learn a little of Penarth's diverse maritime, architectural and cultural history and meet some of the historical figures who have shaped its character.

Hopefully you will want to know more, so please feel free to contact us and perhaps even offer your support to our efforts to preserve what is left of this fine, but endangered heritage.

Penarth Pier Pavilion

Penarth Pier Pavilion circa 2005

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Beachcliff Buildings, Penarth Esplanade